We offer a systematic approach to creating a garden design that blends practicality with imagination. We believe in building on existing strengths and being sensitive to and respecting your input and ideas


We weave together and manage all parts of the garden fabric using skill, experience and passion to craft a lasting and harmonious garden.


We design and install efficient watering systems drawing on a wide array of technologies inc driplines, spray systems and lawn pop-up units. We work with both mains water and also install raintanks and pumps.


We offer a tailored package of regular and seasonal detailed care t keep the inspiration and enjoyment flowing.


We can create a wonderfully magical nightscape using the latest low voltage lighting systems for gardens, pathways, driveways, specimen trees and water features. From subtle ambient moods to practical access and security lighting systems.


We love bringing the element of water into the garden. We design and install water features from the most simple water bowls to something quite singular and dramatic inc ponds, creeks and small waterfall.


From the smallest window frame of herbs and colour to a complete curtain of luscious greenery or edibles, we are able to create a living green wall that adds magic to any vertical space indoors or out.


Many years of experience are drawn on to supply drainage solutions from the most simple to the most extensive. We have access to and are highly competent in using the latest garden drainage technologies with great success.

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