27th July 2015

Twice now in the last ten years Steve has created a small piece of magic for our family.  First he transformed a large suburban garden into this amazingly restful piece of parkland that was verdant, private and simply beautiful. Moving is always unsettling but leaving behind that garden was a real wrench.  
More recently Steve has struggled to make our windswept apartment balcony into something more.  And he and his team have outdone themselves. From statuesque pots, to ephemeral trailing plants, to explosions of colour and a general sense of tranquillity he has again created a space that beckons. At its simplest these are really lovely people with a capacity to create 
true beauty

Louise --Annandale

5th August 2015

After fifty years in a family home, we decided to move to an apartment. The transition from a house with a pool and garden to a large but confined space was quite confronting. We chose an apartment with a very large balcony so that we could continue to enjoy alfresco living. On the recommendation of a friend we asked Stephen Farr to design an outdoor living space that would provide an attractive balcony garden with minimum maintenance yet with the ambiance of an oasis where we could relax alone or with friends, enjoy outdoor dining and not have a sense that we had compromised our lifestyle. Steve was creative, helpful and understood all our requirements. The garden was installed with minimum inconvenience and great enthusiasm. We have all that we asked for.

We recommend Farr Landscapes with every confidence.

John and Susi Brieger --Double Bay

18th March 2015

Looks beautiful!!! Thanks Steve and your great team! So much love in it - stemming from ruby and you no doubt:)

Love it!!

Donna and Daryn Sennett

12th October 2015

When we moved into our home some 15 years ago, there was no garden to speak of either in the front or the back of the house. Fortunately we engaged Steve to design an attractive, yet easy to manage garden. He listened to our plant suggestions as well as showing us different varieties which he thought we might like. We have been more than happy with the result. Steve established a beautiful, but low maintenance, environment and we have had great pleasure from it over an extended period. The garden is frequently commented upon by our neighbours and visitors who continue to admire the beautiful impact in a relatively small space. It is a pleasure to work with Steve, and since its initial creation, he has had the opportunity to care for the garden from time to time and maintain both the garden and our relationship.

Molly and Alan Joffe - Vaucluse

8th December 2015

How does YOUR garden grow? If you would like an inspirational treatment for your outdoor area, be it a small balcony or a vast acreage, you’d do well to ask Stephen, the principal of Farr Landscapes for his input.
We are lucky enough to live in a penthouse apartment with four large balconies but formerly our pots of plants were boring. Now we have a vibrant green wall off the main bedroom and it’s the first thing I see on waking up: it is lush and colourful and makes me smile.
Now that Steve and his team are in charge of the choice and management of our plantings these are all thriving and add a new dimension to our outdoor living areas.

Wendy and Roger

Cremorne Point.

Contact Stephen on 0425 807 222